19th February 2019, Berlin – adsquare and Active Agent are expanding their partnership to enable targeting solutions in real-time, thanks to adsquare’s rich audience and geo-spatial data.

Through their Pre-Bid and DMP integrations, clients of Active Agent will have access to adsquare’s real-time targeting solutions, offering multiple segments, including demographics, interests, brand affinities and place visitations as well as custom segments tailored for their specific needs. The integration enables data buyers to access data easily in both platforms with seamless activation the desired segments in the Active Agent platform.

Active Agent, the Omnichannel Demand Side Platform (DSP) of the virtual minds group, the leading European fullstack provider, is part of an advertising solution that covers the entire programmatic value chain for customers, from planning and media buying and selling to measurement and optimization.

By expanding their partnership clients of Active Agent will be able to manage additional data for panoramic mobile audience targeting and gain full transparency and control over choosing the right data, creating audiences and customizing them. In return, adsquare can open up attractive new customer groups for its data business.

“The strategic partnership with Active Agent is an extremely important step for us. Active Agent is a key player in the DACH region with strong footprint and reach. With numerous big advertisers in the region already relying on adsquare and Active Agent, for us it was crucial to simplify the access to our data cloud directly through Active Agent’s platform.”– says Michael Schlueter, VP Platform Partnerships and Strategic Projects at adsquare.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to give our clients easy access to more granular data at scale. As a real-time data exchange and a neutral platform, adsquare is able to offer our clients a broad portfolio of additional mobile data from both offline and online sources and make that data actionable for audience targeting. So our clients have a broader range of data to create, manage and activate their mobile audience segments directly from our platform.“ – says Daniel Dagehus, CPO of Active Agent.


Paulina Gueorguieva, Marketing Manager
Tel.: +49 172 320 5827
Saarbrücker Str. 36, 10405 Berlin, Germany

About adsquare

adsquare is the Real-Time Data Exchange that gives advertisers access to accurate data at scale, enabling more relevant campaigns based on audiences and their context. The platform puts data at the heart of your campaign and makes it actionable for more effective targeting, measurement and insights. Advertisers can take control via the self-service Audience Management Platform which gives them full transparency when buying data, creating segments and activating them to their programmatic platform of choice. It has been built mobile-first and its proprietary location data intelligence makes real-world movement data available for digital advertising. Via its open and private marketplaces, adsquare offers a broad portfolio of data from mobile, online and offline sources, including

location behavior, app usage, demographics, affinities and interests. For validated data at scale, buyers can leverage the adsquare Data Alliance, which aggregates deterministic data from app publishers, eCommerce and telcos combined with validated third-party segments. adsquare complies with strict European privacy laws, protects data ownership, and offers a secure environment for data sellers and buyers. For more information visit http://www.adsquare.com follow @adsquarecom or contact info@adsquare.com

About Active Agent

The Active Agent demand-side platform (DSP) provided by Active Agent AG, is the first and only fully-fledged omnichannel DSP on the German market. As an innovative marketing technology for consistently value-oriented media buying on the basis of freely selectable bidding strategies, Active Agent gives advertisers and agencies access to controlled automated buying of media (display, video, audio, mobile) for all channels and end-user devices, especially also including digital out-of-home (DOoH), digital audio and addressable TV. The integration of the ADITION adserver for campaign management, the data management platform (DMP), the verification and marketplace solution of The ADEX and the multichannel attribution solution of AdClear make Active Agent a fully-fledged marketing cloud platform for the digital marketing of the future. The client base of Active Agent includes companies such as OTTO, Performance Media, Publicis Media, Serviceplan and SIXT.