In order to address eBay’s target group via digital screens, Out-of-Home specialist Kinetic Worldwide, with the support of Active Agent, implemented the first real programmatic DOOH campaign for the online marketplace.

The programmatically controlled, fully automated and dynamic DOOH spots were played in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Cologne, Bremen, Stuttgart and Essen.

“We are very proud of the innovative implementation of the eBay Christmas campaign, which is backed by an extensive and comprehensive planning process. This campaign has only become possible through good, closely interlinked cooperation with the individual partners. Together we laid the foundation stone for a new digital OOH standard and put it on the street as a first mover,” says Marc Schumacher, Chief Marketing Officer of eBay Germany, praising the campaign’s development.

“With the extension of the Christmas campaign to ten German cities, the German DOOH market has for the first time succeeded in launching a campaign of this size that seamlessly links the dynamic design of the creation (DCO) with its programmatic, data-based control. For our customer eBay, this was the ideal prerequisite for advertising current product offers from various categories automatically and in a targeted manner, taking mobility data into account. The result is highly effective product and offer communication that other regionally and locally controllable media such as radio and daily newspapers cannot offer,” says Tobias Hefele, Director Digital & Innovation at Kinetic Worldwide Germany.