Freiburg/ Hamburg, November 8th 2018. tisoomi is expanding its technology cooperation with the adtech companies of virtual minds Group. Active Agent, tisoomi and Yieldlab now make adblock traffic bookable programmatically following the development of a joint technical solution for campaign optimisation of adblocker traffic with ADITION technologies.

Adblocker traffic is valuable and meanwhile the best performing audience segment in many campaigns. This is also because users with an activated adblocker have the same level of advertising acceptance as users who have not installed an adblocker, according to an independent study carried out by Hamburg Media School and the University of Florida. Owing to technical restrictions, it had previously not been possible to integrate adblocker traffic into the buy-side’s programmatic booking methodology – the relevant target groups had to be made available via insertion order (I/O) in the managed service, which is a booking method that is used ever less frequently by media agencies.

In view of this situation, the multichannel demand-side platform Active Agent, the anti-adblocker service provider tisoomi and the premium publisher supply-side platform Yieldlab have created a sustainable and continuously programmatic route for booking adblocker traffic. Advertising companies and their media agencies can now gain automated access to high-quality campaign contacts and media placements within the scope of private deals via Active Agent made exclusively available to them by tisoomi via Yieldlab. Publishers such as Scout24, Computerbild and kicker are already integrated into the offer at the launch. The aim is to expand the number of connected online platforms continuously in the next few months.

“Adblocker traffic is significantly more than a niche placement and virtually indispensable for a sound media plan. The programmatic access to this valuable traffic that is now available makes it easier for media planners to reach their target group optimally,” says Yildirim Balci, Managing Director of tisoomi.

“Making it possible to buy high-quality adblocker traffic on an automated basis perfectly fits Active Agent’s aspiration to give media agencies and advertising companies continuously a competitive edge via value-oriented buying of the most varied inventories from a single platform,” explains Thomas Weitzer, COO of Active Agent.

Ghanem Awn, COO of Yieldlab, adds: “Yieldlab has consistently aimed its platform at providing innovative solutions for maximising publishers’ sales. With the solution now created for the programmatic monetisation of adblocker traffic, we underline this brand essence and offer our clients clear added value.”

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About Active Agent

The Active Agent demand-side platform (DSP) provided by Active Agent AG, which was founded in 2013, is the first and only fully-fledged multichannel DSP on the German market. As an innovative marketing technology for consistently value-oriented media buying on the basis of freely selectable bidding strategies, Active Agent gives advertisers and agencies access to controlled automated buying of media (display, video, audio, mobile) for all channels and end-user devices, especially also including digital out-of-home (DOoH), digital audio and addressable TV. The integration of the ADITION adserver for campaign management, the data management platform (DMP), the verification and marketplace solution of The ADEX and the multichannel attribution solution of AdClear make Active Agent a fully-fledged marketing cloud platform for the digital marketing of the future. The client base of Active Agent includes companies such as OTTO, Performance Media, Publicis Media, Serviceplan and SIXT.

About tisoomi

tisoomi is one of the leading providers of anti-adblocker services in Europe. With the most flexible system available on the market, tisoomi enables publishers to meet the adblocker challenge intelligently – from delivering classic advertising to communicating and interacting with the adblocker user or finally completely blocking adblocker users. In return, advertisers gain access via tisoomi to especially valuable users that were previously hard to reach, if at all, with advertising. This ensures that the contact to the target group remains also in the long term.

About Yieldlab

Yieldlab is the leading supply-side platform (SSP) in the premium publisher segment and stands for the continued development and growth alongside the top media brands in Europe. With Yieldlab YRD, which is a technology developed in-house for yield optimisation and programmatic advertising, publishers are able to monetise their entire media inventory automatically in real time and across all digital channels bundled on one platform. Yieldlab thereby makes media offers and advertising campaigns economically successful. As a German company, Yieldlab attaches the greatest importance to security and service. This is why in addition to its service and consulting team Yieldlab’s development centre and the data centres it owns are also located in Germany. Yieldlab’s platform is thus the basis for secure and efficient relations between buyers and sellers.

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