Software suite by enables integrated creation, delivery and reporting of rich media and moving image campaigns

Dusseldorf, 31. August 2016 ADITION technologies has optimised the solution range related to its ADITION adserving platform with regard to the needs of designers and creatives. For an even simpler and more efficient workflow in the creation, delivery and reporting of digital rich media and moving image campaigns, the Dusseldorf media technology experts have integrated the new Creative Lab into their enterprise marketing platform in cooperation with the moving image specialists of their affiliated company

The Creative Lab is based on the software suite and enables full use of the technology to create highly effective HTML-based native, rich media and video advertising media (standard and special formats such as Takeover). This includes (interactive) InStream and OutStream videos. By using the suite’s centrepiece of the HTML.5 ad.creator – or through the Creative API as an alternative – designers and creatives can produce HTML5 advertising media without programming effort, test it extensively and finalise it in a streamlined, quick web-based process for delivery. By integrating the Creative Lab into the ADITION adserver, the produced advertising media is automatically available in the banner pool. This occurs entirely without time-consuming e-mail communication and sending of third-party ad tags between the creative agency and the media agency. This process substantially reduces the technical, time-related and personnel efforts and significantly optimises the production of HTML5 advertising media.

Thomas Klimpel, Managing Director of the GmbH, explains: “Above all, the advantages of the HTML5-based digital advertising include the considerably lower production and integration effort – one content and/or advertising media for all devices and browsers – as well as substantially higher offer and advertising ranges since there are no browser-side restrictions. This opens the door to a multitude of innovative channel-adequate and high-impact advertising concepts. Together with ADITION, we offer a powerful integrated platform solution for the implementation and execution of these concepts.”

Jörg Klekamp, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of ADITION technologies AG, adds: “The creation and delivery of digital advertising campaigns is usually a complex process that involves many parties. Automation of the main processes throughout the entire value-added chain is an indispensable step here. With the integration of the Creative Lab into the ADITION adserver, we are systematically implementing this within the scope of our unified adserving strategy. It especially offers the creative side and media side a platform that is optimised to their needs. This facilitates simple and efficient cooperation.”


ADITION technologies is Europe’s leading service provider of high-quality technology solutions for automated, data-driven digital marketing across all channels from one central enterprise platform. ADITION unified adserving platform, which can be expanded by modules, equally provides all market participants – advertisers, agencies and publishers/marketers – with individual, custom-fit solutions in order to achieve maximum marketing efficiency and future-proof the respective key assets in online marketing. The integrated solution provides the buy side (DSP) with a connection to all relevant market places and the media sell side (SSP) with a supply of advertising inventory for publishing products, news portals, online shops, etc. in either classic or programmatic direct selling or auction-based real-time bidding mode. As an independent and neutral technology company and member of the virtual minds group, ADITION supports an international client base in the realisation of its digital strategy. This includes companies such as 1&1, Otto, Payback, Performance Media, Plan.Net, redblue (Media Markt/Saturn), Sixt, Spiegel-QC, Verivox and Telefónica.

About is one of the leading technology providers for digital moving-image advertising in Germany. Since 2008, the company has provided complete rich media and video solutions for advertisers, media agencies, creative agencies and marketers. With its innovative and reliable tools, it provides for easy handling and high-quality results in creating rich media and video advertising media and campaigns.

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