Dusseldorf, 14 December 2017. Sometimes more really is more. This is also true for the new Cost Per Hour (CPH) metric that ADITION technologies and SPIEGEL MEDIA have now developed within the scope of a pilot project. This parameter based on viewtime allows publishers and marketers to classify and price display inventory according to actually viewable hours. This represents a quality-oriented supplement to traditional CPM and CPC marketing based respectively on ad impressions and ad requests.

The viewability market standards 50/1 for traditional display advertising and 50/2 for video advertising are currently used as the basis for planning, booking and billing in the German market. But in view of various requirements placed on advertising formats in terms of attention span, it has already been demonstrated that determining whether an advertisement was seen based on reaching rigid viewability thresholds as a purely technical confirmation is often not suitable for the development of optimal campaign performance and advertising impact. This is why more flexible KPIs specific to campaigns and advertising media are already increasingly used today.

In order to optimally integrate the positive effect of actual viewtime of advertising on its impact into media planning and booking, ADITION technologies has developed a new technical metric together with the ad verification specialist batch (The ADEX) that can now be used optionally within the Multigoal delivery system of the ADITION Adserver. It includes measuring the actual viewtime of ad impressions and campaign delivery with which it is aligned. The system allows for tracking the viewtime of advertising media on each individual placement by the second, reporting the exact viewtime and making it available as the basis for booking and also billing as cost per hour (CPH). In doing so, it is now possible to book and deliver advertising flights in the ADITION Adserver based on CPH-specific campaign goals besides all regular control criteria such as targeting, frequency capping, etc. Publishers and marketers are able to expand their marketing options by a component that is oriented on media quality based on this set-up.

Pilot Project with SPIEGEL MEDIA Demonstrates the Positive Effect of Viewtime on Advertising Impact

In an initial pilot project with SPIEGEL MEDIA, we evaluated the advertising impact of viewtime within the scope of a market research study. For this purpose, 500 selected test persons of a panel were specifically targeted with advertising on SPIEGEL ONLINE and divided into research groups with low and high viewtime within the framework of this analysis. A total of more than 5,000 seconds of advertising with a minimum viewing area of 50% was delivered to the test persons. On the basis of the initial findings, it was already apparent that there is a distinctly positive correlation between viewtime and advertising impact.

In order to completely exclude external influences in the study, a coffee brand was advertised that is not commercially available yet and has not been advertised on any other channel so far. The sole advertising format used in this study was a Billboard. We plan to study the interdependency more comprehensively in additional projects during the next year. They will take into consideration the insights gained from the first pilot project.

Mark-Olaf Winter, Deputy Head of Digital and Business Development at SPIEGEL MEDIA, underscores the advantage of this new intelligent metric: “Attention has become the key to success and growth in marketing in recent years. It is the only thing that makes it possible to achieve brand consciousness and sustainable brand awareness in the digital world. Attention is therefore one of the most valuable currencies in an information- and data-driven age. A sustainable marketing industry, in which both publishers and advertisers benefit in the long term, must also develop solutions in which viewability and attention are just accepted as a currency to the same extent as impressions and clicks. Cost Per Hour (CPH) is an alternative parameter that indicates the actual viewability and viewtime of an advertising medium as a dimension and delivers the new metrics with which advertising success can be planned better.”

Jörg Klekamp, Member of the Board at ADITION technologies AG, adds: “The CPH model offers advertisers, as well as publishers and marketers, great qualitative potential for more effective and efficient use of media and ROI optimisation. Especially in the quality-oriented German market, this new metric is an intelli¬gent instrument for publishers to demonstrate the power of media offers even more clearly. Qualitative criteria such as formats and environments can now be taken into account through this metric, which allows for the further optimisation of yield management. By providing a high-quality techno¬logy offer for this innovative viewtime-¬optimised approach, we are once again proving the performance capability and great flexibility of the ADITION Adserver. In the process, we are reinforcing our claim to make dedicated solutions geared toward their needs available to all market partners for high-quality digital marketing.”

About ADITION technologies

ADITION technologies is Europe’s leading service provider of high-quality technology solutions for automated, data-driven digital marketing across all channels from one central enterprise platform. ADITION unified adserving platform, which can be expanded by modules, equally provides all market participants – advertisers, agencies and publishers/marketers – with individual, custom-fit solutions in order to achieve maximum marketing efficiency and future-proof the respective key assets in online marketing. The integrated solution provides the buy side (DSP) with a connection to all relevant market places and the media sell side (SSP) with a supply of advertising inventory for publishing products, news portals, online shops, etc. in either classic or programmatic direct selling or auction-based real-time bidding mode. As an independent and neutral technology company and member of the virtual minds group, ADITION supports an international client base in the realisation of its digital strategy. This includes companies such as 1&1, Otto, Payback, Performance Media, Plan.Net, redblue (Media Markt, Saturn), Sixt, Spiegel Media, Telefónica and Verivox.


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