Dusseldorf/Berlin. 17.11.2016. ADITION technologies, a premium technology solutions provider for automated and data-driven digital marketing, The ADEX, a global specialist for data management solutions, and Roq.ad, a provider of an innovative ePrivacy certified Cross-Device technology, have announced a strategic partnership. The purpose of the partnership is to provide data based insights to advertisers, as well as to enable privacy compliance of customer targeting across all of their digital devices. Furthermore, the three innovative ad-tech players are actively take the increasing demand for single customer view solutions into account and will be able to offer more intelligent and individualized digital marketing.

Today’s consumers use at least three devices on average, which most commonly include desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TV’s. Based on CRM and other real-time data the combination of the partners’ solutions enables advertisers to target customers and potential buyers more precisely and at every digital touch point. The distinct mapping of usage analytics, which is based on anonymized IDs and devices, enable seamless brand and communication experiences across all of the users’ devices. In order to deliver ads, it is possible to employ client-specific target groups as well as the services of ADEX DMP and ADITION’s ad serving targeting cluster. Cross-Device retargeting enables compelling storytelling across all devices. Moreover, an appropriate interface allows the use of all data for programmatic buying on the ADITION Demand Side Platform, which is powered by Active Agent.

Carsten Frien, Founder & CEO of Roq.ad, states: “We are extremely happy that our innovative Cross-Device technology impressed both The ADEX and ADITION. This verifies that marketers are increasingly relying on data based decisions and look beyond individual devices to optimally reach and address the real person behind the device.”

Dino Bongartz, CEO of The ADEX, adds: “The versatile usage of DMPs is a very important factor for us. The integration of other revolutionary technologies, from twinning to Cross-Device technology, gives our customers the freedom to test and integrate these new developments at a low cost and without much effort.”

Jörg Klekamp, CEO of ADITION technologies AG, noted: “A comprehensive customer view and its integrated approach across all channels, touchpoints, and devices is one of the biggest marketing challenges nowadays. The partnership between ADITION, The ADEX, and Roq.ad enables us to provide a high-end solution to this and continue our mission to create new opportunities for marketing with cutting edge technological innovations.“

About Roq.ad

As Europe’s leading Cross-Device technology provider, Roq.ad helps its clients to reach people across all of their devices. Roq.ad’s technology is certified privacy compliant with both German and European data protection regulations and connects devices to people and people to households. This revolutionary technology powers more efficient advertising and reduces advertising waste across all digital devices. Since Roq.ad’s launch in 2015, the dynamic start-up has grown into a strong, international team. To date, various advertisers, agencies, and media owners use the innovative Cross-Device technology either directly or via Adservers, DSPs, and DMPs as resellers. For more information, visit: www.roq.ad

About The ADEX

The ADEX is the leading European technology specialist for data management, which facilitates innovative and fast access to digital marketing platforms with flexible solutions for their clients. The ADEX developed ADEX DMP, which offers a world-wide unique Data Management Platform technology that aggregates segments and analyzes data from various data sources and structures. With the help of ADEX DMP, marketers are able to employ even more data from highly diverse sources with increased scalability in over 50 integrated partner systems such as Mediamath, AppNexus, Google, ADITION, and more. With the ePrivacy and EDAA certifications, The ADEX provides maximum security and data protection. Additionally, as a European DMP provider, The ADEX has a broad understanding of EU privacy regulations. The ADEX is headquartered in Berlin and has multiple offices across Europe. For more information, visit: www.theadex.com


ADITION technologies is the leading European technology solutions provider for automated, data-driven digital marketing across all channels from a central enterprise platform. The extendable ADITION Unified Adserving platform delivers to all relevant players – advertisers, agencies, publishers, and marketers – individually tailored solutions in order to maximize marketing efficiency and to design respective key online marketing assets in a sustainable way. The integrated solution offers the following functions: access to all relevant market places for the media buyer side (DSP) and the possibility to provide advertising inventory for publications, news portals, products, online shops, etc. through classic or programmatic direct or auction based real-time bidding for the media selling side (SSP). As an independent and neutral technology company and with the support of virtual minds group, ADITION helps their international client base to achieve their digital strategies. Some of ADITION’s clients include: 1&1, Otto, Payback, Performance Media, Plan.Net, redblue (Media Markt, Saturn), Sixt, Spiegel-QC, Verivox, Telefónica, and many others. For more information visit: www.adition.com

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