Mobile = Display = Video

The rapid proliferation of more and more new mobile end-user devices results in increasingly higher growth rates for the mobile advertising market. Despite the various technical requirements, ADITION has set itself the goal of orienting mobile campaigns almost 100% to display and video campaigns. Mobile, display and video campaigns can therefore be booked across channels; it is possible to report and compare them by using the same measurement parameters within one order.

Mobile Websites

ADITION supports all MMA standards for various end-user devices, as well as the possibility of creating own formats. Standard ads, bouncing ads, flip ads, HTML5 constructions, interstitials, layers and videos can be delivered to mobile devices without a problem. ADITION achieves a recognition rate of more than 95% by using a professional database for end-user devices.

In-App Advertising with the MSDK

In addition to a multitude of mobile formats, the ADITION MSDK (Mobile Software Development Kit) is available to app developers for the display of in-app advertising. Furthermore, in-app campaigns are included in post-click reporting to ensure an integrated overview of the campaign success.

Responsive Concepts

For Marketers/ Publishers
We support you in implementing your marketing concepts and the use of current web technologies on your platform.
– Proven concepts for campaign management and advertising formats delivery to current websites with responsive design architecture

For Advertisers/ Agencies
From standard advertising media through dynamic sales media to add eye-catching branding campaigns. For each aspect of the right solution.
– Use of individual advertising formats-templates as graphics or rich media to increase awareness in responsive environment
– HTML5 AdCreator technology for easy creation of advertising formats in the web interface
– Support through partner agencies for dynamic, responsive advertising formats concepts

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