Dusseldorf/Hamburg, 02 March 2017. ADITION technologies, the leading European ad-serving provider, and anti-adblocking specialist tisoomi are expanding their technology partnership.

After ADITION equipped its publisher ad server with an adblocker-defender tool by tisoomi (among others) for delivering simple display ads by bypassing adblockers last summer, the two adtech providers are now expanding their joint solution offer as announced.

The features of conversion tracking (all classic conversion KPIs), frequency capping (contact dose and contact classes) and retargeting of tracked adblocker users for campaign optimisation on the fly are now available to publishers and/or their marketers. These new functions allow for the price optimisation of adblock inventory through hard performance data and simultaneous reduction of advertising pressure on the users. Advertisers and/or agencies will receive conversion reports for adblock traffic campaigns and be able to deliver cookie-based special advertising flights in a more granular way. This approach is also more targeted at the adblocker target group.

Jörg Klekamp, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at ADITION technologies AG, explains: “High-quality adtech solutions are among the most effective tools in the fight against adblocking. Given the volume of blocked advertising that has now been reached, these are just as much a must-have for publishers as ad verification and brand safety solutions are for advertisers. The partnership between ADITION and tisoomi gives media providers a high-performance technical solution for easily and efficiently reclaiming blocked inventory in the delivery of advertising. This now also includes important campaign analyses and optimisation measures in addition to pure adblocker bypassing.”

Michael Siegler, Co-Founder of Tisoomi GmbH: “The connection of ADITION with tisoomi’s system is another building block for solving the adblocker predicament. Advertisers remain in contact with their target group and can better manage and evaluate their campaigns by means of the generated data. The result is campaigns with an even better quality that are delivered to high-value inventory. In many campaigns, adblock traffic has become the best performer. This also leads to beneficial booking conditions from a publisher’s perspective.

First Pilot Campaign with Convincing Results

The extent to which advertising companies in particular can also benefit from inclusion of the integrated ADITION-tisoomi solution was demonstrated by a first pilot campaign. This was managed by the Hamburg-based media agency Performance Media and demonstrated the anti-adblocker solution that was best able to achieve promising performance results: Among other benefits, the cost per lead (CPL) with adblock traffic was among the top 10 of 30 placements in the observed campaign.

“The campaign shows that adtech-supported utilisation of adblock traffic is an effective tool to reclaim marketable media and achieves positive performance results,” according to Christina Voigt, Managing Director of Performance Media.

About Tisoomi

Tisoomi is one of the leading providers for anti-adblocker services in Europe. With the most flexible system available in the market, tisoomi offers publishers the opportunity to intelligently meet the adblocker challenge – from delivering classic advertising to communicating and interacting with the adblocker user, up to the complete blocking of adblocker users. In return, advertisers gain access to especially valuable users through tisoomi that had been previously impossible or very difficult to reach with advertising. This ensures that the contact to the target group also is also maintained over the long term. www.tisoomi.com

About Performance Media

With 250 employees, 150 clients and approx. 250 billion delivered advertising messages per year, Performance Media is one of the largest German agencies for digital media planning. The spectrum of services ranges from strategic media consulting to the implementation and optimisation of individual measures in the areas of performance and branding, including a fully-integrated cross-device solution. Performance Media provides digital media solutions for a wide range of industry sectors such as finance, FMCG, insurance, telecommunication and tourism. www.performance-media.de

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