Data Center: Highest Technology Standards

An efficient and modern technical infrastructure plays one of the most important roles in adserving in many respects. Because a high-performance and stable technology is still the basic requirement for handling the most modern adserver functionalities. Only by providing a reliable technological environment can successful long-term customer relationships be built and trust created.

That is why we fully rely on the expertise of our sister company myLoc managed IT AG for administration and management of the adserving infrastructure. I

n addition to commercial data centers, it also operates the Group’s own data center at the Düsseldorf location. With this autonomous system we are connected to eight of the largest European carriers and exchanges via a 340 GBit backbone. In the design of our data center, great importance was also attached to the redundancy of facilities and systems by implementing the Tier III standard.

Redundant fiber optic cabling

The data centers are equipped with redundant fiber optic cables, so that the data centers are always accessible.

Crossconnects between data centers

The data centers can be connected both between and among each other via crossconnects at transparent prices.

Own backbone with 440 Gigabits

IP network with several fiber optic connections connecting the network nodes in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London.

Both our customers and we benefit from being able to directly influence the technical environment of our adserver technology within the group of companies.

In addition to free design options in building the network structure and plannable expansion of additional capacities, spontaneous access to all technical components of ADITION adserving is one of the major advantages. This enables us to react quickly and without the usual lead times to spontaneous events and performance increases.

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About myLoc IT AG

Since 1999, myLoc managed IT AG has operated several ISO 27001 certified data centers in Düsseldorf with space for over 30,000 servers and develops innovative hosting solutions for private and business customers. The world’s largest Lampertz high-security cell from myLoc protects sensitive systems of major customers, including banks, insurance companies and ad technology companies, from external influences. myLoc offers products in the areas of colocation, managed and cloud hosting. Further information is available at: