Ralf Hammerath
Ralf HammerathExecutive Board / CEO
Ralf Hammerath is responsible for corporate strategy, finance, legal, recruiting & communication from the Düsseldorf location of Adition Technologies GmbH.
Daniel Dagehus
Daniel DagehusExecutive Board / COO
Daniel Dagehus is responsible for product strategy and partner management at Adition Technologies GmbH.
Thomas Weitzer
Thomas WeitzerExecutive Board / COO
Thomas Weitzer is responsible for the operative business at Adition Technologies GmbH. His tasks include the control of the Technical Solutions Consulting as well as the accounting.
Marcus Schlüter
Marcus SchlüterCIO
As CIO at Adition Technologies GmbH, Marcus Schlüter is responsible for the areas Operations, Security & Infrastructure.
Andreas Veser
Andreas VeserCTO
As CTO at Adition Technologies GmbH, Andreas Veser is responsible for the entire development area.
Stefan B. Müller
Stefan B. MüllerCSO
As CSO at Adition Technologies GmbH, Stefan Benno Müller is responsible for Sales & Account Management.
Matthias Meier
Matthias MeierManaging Director (Switzerland)
As managing director of Adition Schweiz GmbH, Matthias Meier is responsible for sales and operational tasks in the Swiss region.
Paul Benson
Paul BensonManaging Director (UK)
As Managing Director of Adition UK Ltd., Paul Benson is responsible for sales and operative tasks in Great Britain.