The English Football League (EFL), the largest single body of professional clubs in European football and host of the Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet League One, Sky Bet League Two and Carabao Cup has chosen ADITION as its adserver provider to monetize its inventory, such as the offical websites of the EFL and its participating football clubs.

„EFL Digital provides technology solutions (including websites, apps, live video streaming and consultancy services) for 65 professional Football Clubs across the EFL, Premier League and National League. In 2017 we successfully launched a new digital platform for this collective of clubs. EFL Digital is proud to partner with ADITION for Ad Tech services across its new products, and look forward to a collaborative and fruitful relationship“, said Russell Byrne, Head of Digital at EFL.


As for now, the EFL uses the ADITION adserver technology for display and video adserving. In the upcoming months, the cooperation will cement ties by introducing the use of conversion tracking.

List of the EFL Digital Platforms: