In cooperation with SevenOne Media, ADITION Video and Creative Solutions (VACS) has developed new VPAID-based advertising formats for, which can be run via AdSlots or as format (e.g. PreRoll).

With the AdSlot you can not only programmatically run classic video, but also a number of other formats. The complexity of these well working alternative formats (e.g. Parallax, Understitial or Interscroller) is added to the ad media on the publisher side. Even simple standard formats in the appropriate ratio (e.g. 320×480 or 640×960) can be turned into a Parallax Ad by running them via our player.

The whole thing can be handled e.g. via an independent VPAID Private Deal, which contains the entire SevenOne Media inventory.

The new formats in detail: SlideshowAd

A product slideshow with video. The products can be exchanged by the customer at any time and can be provided with product-specific tracking (click & view tracking). iAd

The iAd is an interactive video ad in which further product information can be offered via a slideshow, for example. ProspectAd

The special feature of ProspectAd is that customers can update their products including the associated tracking regularly independently and with little effort.



Unser hohes Maß an Kreativität gepaart mit der technischen Expertise macht uns zu dem perfekten Partner für Ihre Kampagnen. Mit ADITION können Nutzer auf allen Endgeräten und in allen Browsern mit dem bestmöglichen Ergebnis erreicht werden.

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