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  • To set up an HTML5 advertising medium with the right specifications in ADITION, please follow the instructions in this document.

  • Certain parameters must be attached to the tag so that external adservers can also count clicks of advertising media that were delivered by ADITION.

  • ADITION PostTracking is a method that measures the ROI of advertising campaigns. For example, this includes the revenue from sales that are directly related to a campaign or the number of users who have purchased a product or filled out an online form.

  • In order to transmit sales to the adserver of ADITION technologies, a tracking spot is required. Its tag is integrated into the order and/or confirmation page that the user sees at the completion of the order.

  • Certain requirements must be met for the correct integration and/or click counting of flash advertising media in ADITION. They are described in this document.

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