State of the Art Adserving- & Targeting-Engine

Modular Extensible Platform with Comprehensive API for Connecting Third-Party Tools up to White Label Solutions

Complementary Third-Party Technologies

… and many more.

Extensive Expertise and Expert Know-how

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User Interface

ADITION User Interface
ADITION technologies AG | Adserving | User Interface Screenshot
ADITION technologies AG | Adserving | User Interface Screenshot

Core Features

  • Programmatic Advertising

    Integration and/or connection of SSP & DSP

  • Data-Driven Marketing

    Target group rules, targeting criteria and forecasting system

  • Monitoring & Reporting

    Capacity, PostTracking, Conversion Data, (In)App, Custom and Customer Journey Reports

  • Video & Rich Media,,, HMTL5, VAST, VAST2, VPAID

  • Dynamic Ads

    HTML5 SDK, product catalog import and many more

  • Data Privacy

    Data processing according to ADV BDSG / EDAA / DDOW

  • Infrastructure

    Quality colocation center of myLoc Managed IT AG based in Düsseldorf

  • Modular System

    Steadily growing portfolio of complementary third-party technologies via API

  • Static and dynamic

    Support for all digital advertising formats

  • Special formats

    Native Ads, MultiAds and combinations of images and text

  • Standard advertising formats

    Display-, Video- and Mobile-Ads

  • Full Support

    Support of all IAB and UAP formats

  • MultiChannel & Crossdevice

    Unterstützung aller MMA-Standards und eigene Formate

  • Professional terminal device database

    >95% detection rate

  • In-App-Advertising

    Mobile Software Development Kit (mSDK für iOS & Android)

  • Variety

    Delivery of various innovative advertising formats such as Parallax, FullScreen Interstitial, Understitial, Panorama Mobile, Half Bridge, etc.

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