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Dynamic Data Segmentation from Data Collected Online and Offline

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ADEX DMP is a data technology solution for managing, activating, analyzing and collecting user data from various online and offline channels to achieve a more efficient way of digital marketing. Maximize your marketing ROI through precise target group segmentation and data transfer to the right exchange according to your individual needs.

The ADEX Data Marketplace is a stand-alone solution for selling data that a customer can offer to other customers in a marketplace, such as segment-based data and attribution data. Customers are given the opportunity to set a price for their segment and decide whether they want to offer it publicly or only to certain customers.

ADEX Adverification uses database-driven technologies to measure and analyze media assets and optimize the performance of digital media campaigns, providing relevant insights into brand security, including individual blocking rules based on keywords, traffic light levels, content categories and more.

Data Management Platform (DMP) – User Interface

Core Features

  • Central data storage

    as a basis for data-supported digital marketing

  • 100% data sovereignty & data protection

    Selective data release and certified data protection compliance

  • Dynamic segmentation

    of attributes to postable segments

  • Onboarding

    Own CRM data can be modeled on our data segments

  • Segment Builder

    1st & 3rd party data (attributes) can be combined with Boolean operators

  • Content Verification

    Checking for brand-safe, compliant and meaningful environments

  • Brand Safety

    Enforcement of brand-safe, compliant, meaningful environments

  • Fraud Detection

    Detection of advertising fraud cases

  • Viewability

    Measurement of visibility according to standard values (iab) and beyond

  • Audience Verification

    Validation of the target group addressed; conformity to targeting requirements

Data Management Platform (DMP) – Clients

We offer our Demand Side Platforms (DSP) product solutions in cooperation with our sister company The ADEX