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Demand Side Platform (DSP) Bidding Strategies
Demand Side Platform (DSP) Cross Device
Demand Side Platform (DSP) Technology

Programmatic Cross Device Advertising

Whether Display, Mobile, Video, DOoH, Addressable TV or Radio Advertising
– Efficient Buying, Planning and Optimization of Programmatic Advertising.

Direct Access to All Major Sell-Side Platforms & Ad Exchanges

As an integrated platform for Data Driven Progammatic Marketing, marketer relationships can be automated via direct access to all important Supply Side Platforms (SSP) and can be precisely controlled across campaigns and purchased without scatter loss.

Most of the Well-known European Agencies and Agency Networks already Belong to Our Clientele

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Cross Device DSP over all channels in the German market
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transparent buying technology

Demand Side Platform (DSP) – UI

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Core Features

  • Complete sovereignty over the websites

    Black and white listings and transparent reporting

  • Efficient Buying

    Easy handling of multiple, dynamic bidding strategies

  • Transparency and control

    Disclosure of booked advertising media, bidding strategies as well as bid and acceptance prices

  • Buying optimization

    CPC-ptimization & CPL/CPO-ptimization

  • State of the Art Tools

    Extended Inventory Discovery, Individual Bidfactors, Viewability Targeting

  • User data driven target group addressing

    Device-, Behavioural- and Geo-Targeting

  • Various possibilities of target group definition

    Branding and performance campaigns as well as communication with existing customers

  • Brand Safety

    Vollautomatische Qualitätskontrolle beim Mediaeinkauf im offenen RT Auktionsverfahren

Demand Side Platform (DSP) – Clients

We offer our Demand Side Platforms (DSP) product solutions in cooperation with our sister company Active Agent.