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Yieldlab YRD

Yieldlab YRD is the logical continuation of our yield management- and programmatic advertising technologies, and the result of our long-standing experience in programmatic advertising. Via one platform and one central interface, Yieldlab YRD unites all advertising channels for the effective and efficient marketing of your inventory. Be it desktop, mobile or video, Yieldlab YRD gives you maximum transparency and management opportunities for all advertising-clients, -campaigns, -inventories and target sizes. We record several 100,000 data points per second, save terabytes of data per day; all of this is available, highly scalable and high-performance.

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Yieldlab User Interface
Yieldlab User Interface
Yieldlab User Interface

Core Features

  • Complete sovereignty over the bidders

    Granular black and white listings

  • Comprehensive, consistent and transparent reporting

    Gross and net prices, no hidden buyer fees

  • Simple handling of multiple price strategies

    Granular pricing on account, adslot, partnership and/or advertiser level possible

  • Mapping of different price models

    Floor Price, Fixed Price, Smart Floor

  • Holistic maximization of media sales

    Programmatic Guarenteed, Private Deals, BidBias

  • YieldOptimization

    Fully automated optimization of existing third-party marketers and network partners

  • OpenAuction

    Parts of the inventory can be released for the open auction via the SSP

  • Private Premium Exchange

    Closed PPE for managed Programmatic Selling

  • Various inventory classes

    Display, Video, Mobile InApp&Web, OutStream; Image/Text

  • Managed Service, Assisted Service or Self-Service

    Years of know-how in Programmatic Adveristing and yield optimization

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We offer our product solutions in the area of the Supply Side Platform (SSP) in cooperation with our sister company Yieldlab.