BVDW Code of Conduct (CoC) Programmatic Advertising

  • The signatories of the BVDW Code of Conduct (CoC) Programmatic Advertising with regulations for marketers/publishers, sell-side platforms (SSP), demand-side platforms (DSP) and data providers undertake to guarantee the transparency and quality of the advertising environment, advertising media, campaign outsourcing and data use in Programmatic Advertising.
  • The aim is to permanently strengthen the quality of Programmatic Advertising by taking suitable measures and to achieve a high level of transparency in the use of Programmatic Advertising for all participants.

  • The ultimate goal is the definition and determination of a basic qualitative understanding and the obligation to implement the necessary measures of all players involved to comply with the guidelines in order to ensure a sustainable professionalisation of programmatic advertising for all participants in Germany.

Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA)

  • Full ad server certification with the “EDAA Trust Seal” and direct integration of the OBA-AdPlayer for campaigns requiring labelling.
  • Central data storage in accordance with the strict German data protection regulations and in compliance with the guidelines of EDAA / DDOW

  • Campaigns or advertising material requiring labelling are flagged as OBA, including checking for already integrated AdPlayer