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Reachnet has been positioned as an independent marketer in the German online advertising market since 2005 and, in addition to a performance network of over 350 connected sites, has a premium portfolio consisting of high-quality websites. In addition to display advertising, Reachnet is also active in the marketing of email marketing (newsletter advertising).


Ad Operations

  • Technical campaign creation and optimization

  • Processing of reporting

  • Assignment of the planned placements and advertising material inspection

  • Communication/handling of the planned placements


  • Requirement analyses and tender support

  • Evaluation Adserver Systems

  • Process optimization

  • Strategy development

Data Management

  • Evaluation and technical connection of individual DMP solutions

  • Creation of granular target groups

  • Dynamic target group management

Programmatic Advertising

  • Evaluation and implementation of progressive DSPs and SSPs

  • Integration into existing ad server structures

  • Efficient Yield & Inventory Management

“We offer advertisers and publishers comprehensive services and consulting in the field of digital marketing. From ad operations (advertising space and campaign creation and management, dispatch of advertising material) to expertise and implementation in the post-tracking or retargeting area to the optimal use of programmatic advertising.” – Dominik Siebert, Geschäftsführer Reachnet DE Ltd


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