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Programmatic Radio

As part of a programmatic advertising campaign for the ‘Das Örtliche’ directory, ADITION/ Active Agent acted as a demand side platform (DSP) for the delivery of audio spots on digital radio. The programmatic audio campaign, which was led by the agency group Zenith (Publicis Media), included a total of ten different spots, each tailored to a different target group. While one spot was aimed at sports fans, for example, another addressed target groups related to wellness and cosmetics. Another spot was aimed at do-it-yourselfers.

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Dynamic Content Marketing

Telefónica uses the ADITION ad server for its website stage and the other content teasers on its online presence as the delivery center for dynamic content marketing. Via a customer domain exclusively provided by ADITION, target-group-specific, native content is delivered on a user-specific basis. The advantage of this special type of native advertising is that it runs completely in the 1st party environment and is not subject to any of the usual 3rd party restrictions. Telefónica combines its own aggregated CRM data with the ADITION targeting engine to define the underlying target groups for delivery.

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Customer-oriented Development Process:
Single Request

SPIEGEL QC planned a change of the existing ad server system for its marketed online media. Within the scope of an extensive pitch, SPIEGEL QC opted for ADITION. Besides the operation of the classic ad server areas display, mobile and video as well as the seamless integration of the already used SSP solution from Yieldlab, one of the main reasons for SPIEGEL QC was the possibility to implement its own requirements within the framework of a customer-oriented development process in the sense of a cooperative partnership with ADITION.

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Digital Multichannel Marketing

Together with the ADITION Unified Adserving Solution, PAYBACK is integrating one of the most powerful digital marketing products in the German-speaking market into its digital multi-channel marketing for display, mobile web and InApp. All onsite marketing activities on the display and mobile websites are managed at PAYBACK via a customer domain, which ADITION makes exclusively available to its customer PAYBACK.

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Data-supported On and Offsite Use

OTTO has been working with ADITION’s Unified Adserving solution as part of its digital communication strategy since 2012. Right from the start, it was important for OTTO to cover the majority of the digital marketing landscape with a provider that masters classic ad serving in both the on and off-site areas in the classic and RTA environment and thus takes into account the special requirements of e-commerce companies.

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Dynamic Performance Marketing

mediascale has been using ADITION Unified Adserving technology for more than 8 years. The fine-grained priority model in combination with classic campaign settings such as optimizations, targetings and cappings is used to control the numerous performance campaigns of various customers and the associated rotations on joint advertising placements.

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