Programmatic Premium Solution

AdAudience, a joint venture of the seven leading German publishing and TV content marketers, has been relying on ADITION’s fully integrated innovative technology infrastructure (DSP, SSP, ad server) since the beginning of 2014 and thus enables revenue-optimized automated marketing of data-supported premium inventory. Through combined yield optimization and programmatic media trading, extensive additional revenues can be achieved.

AdAudience has found the optimal technology platform to programmatically sell its data-driven branding campaigns. With the expansion of the business area to include programmatic sales, new customer groups were developed early on without losing sight of the branding focus.

Our SSP technology has become the heart of efficient data-driven premium marketing that offers flexibility for special formats (especially large and special formats from billboards to wallpapers) and private market place functions at the same time. For the marketer as well as for agencies and advertisers, the standard booking process was massively simplified by the elimination of manual workflows without having to sacrifice media quality.

Together with emetriq, AdAudience launched the Intelligent Data Alliance (IDA) in summer 2015. The partners bring together their anonymized data in a common data pool in compliance with strict guidelines in order to offer high-quality segments on sociodemography, lifestyle and interests. With the data acquired in the IDA, customer-specific target group segments are created and potential new customers and cross-selling potentials are found in a targeted manner. In addition, it is ensured that there are no conflicts of competition between the participating partners.

The core of the Programmatic Advertising Set-Up for the automated booking and delivery of AdAudience Media is the Yieldlab platform, with which publishers combine classic yield optimization with automated real-time trading (SSP). It supports premium publishers and their partners in achieving greater efficiency in optimization and processing.

Via a specific DSP interface to the platform, the Yieldlab affiliate Active Agent acts as an internal bidder in the system and enables AdAudience to additionally market the classic targeting campaigns and achieve their marketing goals in data-supported real-time marketing. In Germany’s largest data pool, all data is combined with emetriq’s DMP and can be used via anonymous target group segments.

The high demands on the flexibility of its own campaign management, comprehensive multi-channel special formats and high-performance delivery are met by the ADITION ad serving core system.

“To market premium media from seven quality providers programmatically, data-based and revenue-optimized, requires a powerful technology infrastructure with an intelligent setup for flexible campaign management. ADITION offers this Programmatic Premium Solution – tailored to our requirements.”

Stefan Krötz, CEO, AdAudience GmbH
AdAudience Logo

Facts & Benefits

  • Fully integrated Programmatic Advertising AdTech setup

  • Seven marketers with high reach premium content

  • Net reach of 44 million users (84% of total Internet users)

  • Innovative targeting products with branding focus

  • Exclusive target groups through overarching profiling of users

  • High-quality placements with high priority

  • Brand sites with a wide variety of topics (>12 billion PIs)

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