Dynamic Performance Marketing

Mediascale has already relied on ADITION’s unified adserving technology for more than five years. It manages its numerous performance campaigns for various customers and the associated rotations on mutual ad placements via finely granular priority models.

In combination with classic campaign settings, optimisations, targetings and cappings. Over the course of time, many technical developments have resulted from our cooperation with mediascale. This particularly applies to dynamic performance marketing that is specially aimed at success- and sales-oriented online communication, which is accompanied by a constant increase in the automation of processes.

One aspect of this automation is the user appeal with dynamic advertising contents. Especially in the cooperation with customers from the e-commerce segment, presenting the best product at the best possible time is important for the increase of conversions to synchronise customer affinities and interests with appropriate products.

The product catalogues underlying the online shops can be imported into the ADITION adserver on a regular basis for this purpose. Products from these catalogues are assembled to advertising media on the basis of BI insights by using freely configurable business rules. They can be combined with any of the targeting criteria available in ADITION. Furthermore, ADITION’s internal retargeting/behavioural targeting module in the area of target groups is linked with mediascale’s own targeting system NE.R.O. Another aspect of automation is the real-time buying of modelled target groups.

A further channel is available to mediascale for this purpose through integration with the DSP solution by Active Agent, which perfects the automated dynamic performance marketing.

“With ADITION we not only have an excellent technical solution in use, but above all a team that really understands us and our market.

Wolfgang Bscheid, CEO, mediascale GmbH & Co. KG
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Facts & Benefits

  • DSP connection with access to all relevant SSPs

  • Automated and configurable advertising media on interest cluster

  • Profile data from targeting data for dynamic advertising media

  • Automatic import of the customer data feed with all product-relevant content

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