Data-based On and Offsite Use for More Relevant Advertising

OTTO has already been deploying ADITION’s unified adserving solution within the scope of its digital communication strategy since 2012. From the very start, it has been important to OTTO to cover the majority of the digital marketing landscape with one service provider that masters classic adserving in both on-site and off-site areas, as well as traditional and RTA environments,environments and therefore considers the special requirements of e-commerce companies.

Furthermore, this allows OTTO to integrate the adserving system into the existing system architecture via the comprehensive ADITION API. As a result, ADITION not only provides all available KPIs via FTP export to OTTO’s internal BI tool, but also connects the existing system to other external reporting systems.

In the course of collecting this data, especial emphasis has been placed on preserving data ownership and storing data on German servers so that German and European data protection laws apply.

Another challenge for OTTO in the cooperation with its partner agencies is the strict separation of order data with simultaneous use of synchronised data pools from 1st-party environments with the possibility of also using 3rd-party data. An adserver structure especially adapted to customer specifications was developed for this purpose with various networks and user groups that represents complex data handling via a master/slave system.

ADITION also combines multiple modules that are necessary for digital online marketing in addition to adserving into one central user interface. These modules are available in the ADITION Store by means of a simple activation process. This is an example of how OTTO already uses the fully integrated modules of ADITION Dynamic Ads and DSP by Active Agent in order to address users in an automated environment or through classic performance campaigns with dynamic advertising contents.

“In the e-commerce environment, online performance marketing no longer works without data, tools and experts for the channels and information. ADITION’s technology is a useful addition to our own technological competence.”

Kerstin Pape, Head of Online Marketing, Otto GmbH & Co KG
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Facts & Benefits

  • Integration into the existing system architecture

  • Data storage exclusively on German servers

  • Sustainable product variety via ADITION Store

  • Performance Marketing with Dynamic Ads

  • Shared synchronized data pool across all networks

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