Integrated Technology Platform for Digital Multichannel Marketing

PAYBACK integrates ADITION’s adserving solution as one of the most powerful digital marketing products in the German-language market with its digital multi-channel marketing for the areas of display, mobile web and in-app advertising. The delivery of all onsite marketing activities to display and mobile websites are managed through a customer-specific domain at PAYBACK that ADITION exclusively provides to PAYBACK as its customer.

In the area of content marketing, this facilitates an individual user experience through the integration of the ADITION adserver. For this purpose, all multi-channel marketing data is made available by the PAYBACK CRM in digital form for addressing the target group. Subsequently, these data are also available for the in-app channel. PAYBACK, which acts as a trust centre between customers and advertisers, places a high priority on storing the data on German servers in a high-security data centre so that German and European data protection laws apply and individual data ownership is preserved.

ADITION provides PAYBACK with a unified adserving solution for central and cross-channel use of the transmitted data for accurate advertising messages. The free definition of target groups within the ADITION targeting engine is an essential advantage of ADITION’s solution. The PAYBACK CRM data are transferred to the adserver in compliance with data protection laws and can be aggregated to any desired target groups by using Boolean expressions. This results in very precise correlations and relationships that allow for an almost pinpoint user appeal with the appropriate advertising message.

These target groups can be very easily adapted or modelled in the network settings during the continuous optimisation process or as required. The campaigns of the corresponding channel reference these settings in this process and adapt in real-time to the new modulation when changes are made.

“Advertising is not just advertising. We rely on innovative technologies to improve targeting.”

Magnus Schmidt, Director Digital Marketing, PAYBACK GmbH

Facts & Benefits

  • Advertising media delivery via customer-specific domain

  • Use of native ads in content marketing

  • Digital multichannel marketing for display, mobile web and InApp

  • Import of PAYBACK CRM data for targeted group addressing

  • Data storage exclusively on German servers

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