Programmatic Radio

As part of a programmatic advertising campaign for the ‘Das Örtliche’ directory, ADITION/ Active Agent acted as a Demand Side Platform (DSP) for the delivery of audio spots on digital radio.

The programmatic audio campaign, which was led by the agency group Zenith (Publicis Media), included a total of ten different spots, each tailored to a different target group. While one spot was aimed at sports fans, for example, another addressed target groups related to wellness and cosmetics. Another spot was aimed at do-it-yourselfers.

AdSquare’s location-dependent targeting made it possible to address specific target groups. Here, information, primarily specific places where the listeners were, was specifically used to convey the corresponding advertising messages to the appropriate target groups.

The campaign was played out via the advertising spaces of RMS and Spotcom. The audio spots were created by Butter.

“The special mechanics of this campaign enable us for the first time to reach very concrete target groups in the audio sector without the detour via media target groups. Through the individualised approach, we simultaneously increase the impact of our advertising message, as the content is perceived as more appropriate and therefore more relevant.”

Daniel WurlDaniel Wurl, Head of Advertising & Communication, Das Örtliche Service and Marketing
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Facts & Benefits

  • Target group-specific audio spots

  • Location-dependent targeting

  • +135% click rate

  • +25% app installs

  • First programmatic audio case in Germany

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